Vert Shock Reviews April 2024

Vert Shock Reviews
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About Vert Shock

About Vert Shock

If you are a basketball player, a volleyball player, a gymnast or an athlete, your vertical jump seems very critical to your game. Many people find it hard to increase their vertical jump heights. However, they always look to improve their athleticism by increasing their ability to jump higher. As a result, sportspeople get many benefits to control and excel in the game. Moreover, it acts as an exercise for developing endurance and strength, enhancing athletic performance. So, if you want to enhance your power to jump higher, Vert Shock is the program.

Vert Shock Reviews

The Vert Shock perfect training program helps you take on the necessary core workouts, resistance training and plyometrics. It guides the users on proper nutrition and keeps their bodies in the best shape while they work out to increase their vertical jump. Additionally, it is a highly acclaimed training program that has proven effective. Let’s delve into the necessary details about Vert Shock and know whether it is worth your consideration or not.

What is The Vert Shock Program?

Vert Shock is a highly effective and intense 8-week training program that will help athletes to increase their vertical jump height by 9-15+ inches. The program supports both men and women in stepping up their game, irrespective of their sport. Using high-intensity plyometrics brings an unorthodox approach to achieving incredible results fast. Hence, you can achieve your desired results within a few days of working out. Furthermore, the most important selling point of the program is that it does not require access to a gym.

Vert Shock Program

Vert Shock Creator

The beneficial Vert Shock Program was created by a basketball player Adam Folker, in collaboration with one of the world’s highest dunkers Justin Darlington. He is a legend in the dunking world and the main sponsor of this training program. Additionally, this workout plan empowered him to increase his vertical jumps to 50″, claiming to work wonders for others. Furthermore, the creators of this workout assure that the outcomes of this system are easy to replicate for almost everyone. However, the users must put in great effort and commitment to boost the results.

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How Does The Vert Shock Program Work?

Mostly, athlete training programs use weight training; hence people avoid them. However, Vert Shock Review is an amazing 2-month program centered on plyometrics that aims to increase the power of raw muscles. During this period, one will experience some time for training and other for muscle recovery. The 8-week training includes 41 workouts to do regularly. It comprises static core workouts, high-impact power workouts, strength training workouts and ground-contact jump training exercises. Moreover, it is divided into the three following phases:

  • The Pre Shock Phase
  • The Shock Phase
  • The Post Shock Phase
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  • It brings fast progress. Vert Shock is unrivaled when we talk about quick results. Even in a few days, you can witness a noticeable improvement in your vertical jump.
  • You do not need access to the gym or any special equipment. Hence, you can save your time and investment.
  • The program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, will have nothing to lose if you want to try Vert Shock.
  • Straight to the point instructions. Everything is clearly explained in the training videos. Further, you get an instruction sheet for every phase of the program that tells the exact numbers of sets and repetitions for the workouts.
  • Users can easily navigate and access the member area. Hence, it provides a user-friendly layout.
  • Brings excellent customer support service.
  • Offers rewards for your accomplishments by running a monthly competition called Vert Shock of the Month.
  • Offers free stuff and additional bonuses that can be of great help.
Vert Shock Review


  • The program fails to explain why things must be done in a certain way. Moreover, there are insufficient explanations for the choice of workouts.
  • It is not a suitable option for individuals prone to injuries. Hence, if you find the training risky for yourself, it is better to stay away from it.
  • There may be a risk of overtraining if your body is not adaptive to the prescribed exercises and workout steps.

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Vert Shock FAQs

Vert Shock FAQs

Is Vert Shock a scam?

No! Vert Shock is a highly beneficial legit program for athletes. The creators of this program are basketball players, accredited conditioning trainers, and strength trainers. Additionally, the program has served more than 10,000 people worldwide. Moreover, it is completely based on scientific research, so the likely side effects are minimal. The payment method is secure; you will get your money back if it does not work.

Where to purchase the Vert Shock program?

Always be sure to purchase the Vert Shock program from its official website. It will decrease the likelihood of a fake product.

Do the Vert Shock program require special equipment?

No! You do not need any special equipment or access to the gym to do Vert Shock exercises. Besides, you can train yourself from anywhere as you can easily access the course workouts through a mobile device online.


Vert Shock Contact

Vert Shock Contact

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Putting Vert Shock in a nutshell, you will know it is the perfect tool for all sportspeople and athletes who want to jump higher while avoiding intensive weight training. Moreover, it is an amazing workout plan designed to accelerate your performance, making you an agile and faster athlete. If you are a seriously dedicated person looking to increase your vertical jump abilities, Vert Shock is your ultimate guide. It does not ask you to pay hefty gym expenses and memberships or to invest in costly weight training equipment. On the contrary, you will get good results within a short period of 8 weeks. Gain full control of your game in just a few weeks. Follow this useful vertical jump training program to outperform any competition.

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