ClickEarners Reviews April 2024

ClickEarners Reviews
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About ClickEarners

About ClickEarners

Getting rid of the everyday commute and working with the flexibility of time seems like a dream come true. Because people want to set up an Online Business and be their boss, both working modes have advantages and disadvantages, depending on your preferences. You may want to join an online job because of its flexible working hours. Hence you can work anywhere and anytime you want, at your home, in a coffee shop, or from your car as well.

If you are searching to make money online, you may have heard about ClickEarners. You have landed at the right place to understand everything about the platform, its ways of giving work, and its authenticity. To see whether is legit or a scam? Let’s move forward with this honest review. It is great to invest your time and do some research before joining this website! However, here you will find some big red flags about the platform that can make you think for a second time.

ClickEarners Reviews

What are ClickEarners?

ClickEarners is an online digital platform where you can find virtual assistant, data entry, writing, online assistant, or surveys jobs to earn online. It claims to offer you flexibility in working hours. Therefore, you can set your working hours. Moreover, you can work from anywhere you want and don’t need any particular ability, skill, or background. However, to make an earning, here you have to pay a fee and get access to the website and its resources. The creators of this platform charge you a fee to get access. Additionally, there is no free trial or free income generation. Even so, if you want to know what ClickEarners Reviews offers, keep reading this review.

How Does ClickEarners Work?

To find work on’s official website, you need to follow the following three simple steps and start earning online:

  • Register Yourself
  • Activate Your Account
  • Follow the Instructions and Start Earning

Moreover, during the process, you will be asked by the owner to pay $27. But that is really unfair in general opinion. However, once registered with your profile on the website, you will get easy access to unlimited job options on the dashboard.

ClickEarners Pros

  • ClickEarners is backed by a 60-day refund policy.
  • It is a ClickBank product that is a well-known and reputed platform.
  • It is suitable for beginners with no prior experience.
  • The website directs you to the best job portals. Moreover, it gives you useful information about the projects that suit you the best.
  • If you go for a lifetime membership, it is relatively inexpensive.
  • It provides users with online training and support.
  • The website offers a vast category of work opportunities.
  • assists users in getting various projects, jobs, and tasks.
ClickEarners Review

ClickEarners Cons

  • ClickEarners Website lacks details about its owner. It brings some doubts about the authenticity of the website and people take it as a fake company.
  • The members’ area of this website provides generic information you can easily find online. In addition, it is an expensive product regarding the kind of information you get from here.
  • You will see a lot of misrepresentations and information gaps on ClickEarners’ site about themselves and what they are all about. Hence, the users may have a confusions regarding their queries.
  • Even though the company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, it can be hard to claim for a refund.
  • The references and testimonials displayed on the website have not been upgraded in the last few years. Hence, the users may not get recent information.
  • There is no real-life proof and real customer reviews to show that helps earn money online.
  • The website holds a very low trust score online.
  • It shows many negative comments and bad reviews.
  • The website demand freelancers to pay cash to earn.

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ClickEarners FAQS

ClickEarners FAQS

Is ClickEarners a legitimate company?

Yes, it is, in a way. ClickEarners is a legit digital job platform. However, when establishing a business online, you may have many other options that do not ask you to pay. Hence, the company shows different traits, and it all depends on whether you try it or not.

Does the ClickEarners platform work for you?

Yes, it does, according to the description. However, ClickEarners does not offer direct jobs and asks you to pay a fee to access other job portals. Therefore, it acts more as a learning portal than a job platform and gives links to other job posting websites.

Can you find freelancing jobs on ClickEarners?

Yes! You can, but through other job websites link provided by This platform does not offer you jobs directly but indirectly through references to other freelancing job portals.


ClickEarners Contact

ClickEarners Contact

ClickEarners Phone Number:
ClickEarners Email:


People who have a lot of working experience online might avoid buying ClickEarners. However, if you are a newbie or starting your business from infancy, ClickEarners is beneficial for you. The platform redirects you to find work from reliable sources. Moreover, you do not have to lose anything here, as Click Bank’s solid refund policy backs you with a 60-day after-purchase refund guarantee. If you do not find it satisfactory, you can get a refund. So, whether you are looking for trusted online projects or want to switch from face-to-face jobs to virtual projects, ClickEarners is the right destination to land. Get access to various projects that best suit your needs, and will start earning a lot of cash. Additionally, here you will be seen by the clients on the website that are not as saturated as the other job posting platforms. Hence, there will be less competition for a job. Hope you will find this review helpful in your career development. Although ClickEarners has mixed reviews, you can do some research to turn it into a positive side and make money through this program.

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