ConversioBot Reviews May 2024

ConversioBot Reviews
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Do you want to know about ConversioBot? We are here to give you complete information and a detailed review of ConversioBot. For all your related questions about ConversioBot, our expert review will help. Well, there are numerous ways to improve your E-business. One of them is chatbots. However, if you see around, you will find chatbots, but the main concern is, are they effective?

They are the best way to uprise leads and renovations for businesses and also take conversational marketing to the next level. ConversioBot is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that responds to each user who visits your website, writes an email, or uses your application. Plus, this program does not require any technical knowledge to operate.

It operates very straightforwardly, and you just require copy and paste one line of code onto your website to achieve your desired action. Let’s begin the ConversioBot Review so that you can make your buying decision easier.

ConversioBot Reviews

About ConversioBot

About ConversioBot

ConversioBot is based in Manchester, United Kingdom, and is accessible globally. In 2017, the firm was designed for making conversions as simple as possible for all organizations.

It is common for consumers to have several questions and stay connected with your team, even if your team cannot be awake at all hours. ConversioBot Reviews is an excellent choice for this. It enables you to respond to all questions around the clock. ConversioBot permits you to convert leads into subscribers and sales as they reach, plus involve them in an interactive and amusing manner.

Conversational Marketing is highly effective. The purpose of ConversioBot is to make the simpler concept and chatbots reachable to many people. ConversioBot PRO can be integrated into your website via a plugin or code. You can use this tool’s simple “drag and drop” interface to construct your chatbots or completely configurable “done-for-you” chatbots.

It allows you to enhance conversions while building a correct script in minutes by employing chatbots. You can quickly take your chatbot to your website after installing the Conversiobot plugin in your WordPress dashboard. Following that, you require to add one line of code. Conversiobot makes two separate offers. There is a Conversiobot Lite deal and a Conversiobot Pro option. I’ll explain the distinction in further detail later.

About ChatBot?

A chatbot is a processor program that uses Artificial Intelligence to replicate human communication. Bots interpret user capabilities to interpret, process and respond to user requests. A chatbot can converse with you through text, speech, and tests. Plus, they assist you in finishing up to 90% of your team’s load and cooperating with visitors.

Creators of ConversioBot

Simon Wood and Giri Prakesh are true friends and creators of ConversioBot. Simon Wood worked a standard advertising job until he was laid off. He discovered Affiliate marketing when he was desperate for extra cash.

He obtained a job handling the clients of one of the affiliate companies to supplement his meagre passive income. He discovered that only 2.8% of affiliate marketers earned 99.2% of all purchases. Thus, he began investigating AI bots for affiliate marketing. And in 2016, he created ConversioBot.On the other hand, Simon Wood’s close companion is Giri Prakesh. Simon sought his guidance on constructing an artificial intelligence bot due to his deep knowledge of technology. Simon could not carry out his proposal since Giri’s estimate for the required work exceeded $9,000. Instead of tackling it alone, they collaborated to create ConversioBot by combining Giri’s technical expertise with Simon’s marketing expertise.

ConversioBot Review

Who can use ConversioBot?

Anyone can use who are interested in converting web traffic into leads and subscribers. No matter whether you have a small business or a large enterprise everyone can benefit from it.


Increase leads and sales

The more your users interact with a chatbot, the more likely they are to make a purchase; this is why it is essential. ConversioBot LITE analyses each visitor’s concept and does all possible to convert, sell, or book the product or service. It runs efficiently and cooperatively.

Executes better as compared to another web form

The ConversioBot patterns simplify acquiring client information, including number, email, and name. This information can then be saved in funnels to provide amazing deals to these guests. To obtain client information, one may rely on multiple templates covering various niches in this product.

Available 24/7

The ConversioBot can answer to consumers all day, although you theoretically cannot!
Those who have visitors from different countries, can use this tool to maintain customer happiness throughout the day.

Decrease the cost of traffic

Visitors will now provide a substantially better return on investment because they will convert extremely well. Rather than investing money in traffic right now, you should focus on addressing questions on your website that would persuade someone to purchase.

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Simple to use

It has the easiest three-step working process ever. The three steps are as follows:

  • Begin by utilizing one of their customizable chatbot themes. Create your chatbot using a simple drag-and-drop tool.
  • The second step is to copy the code from the template.
  • Paste the code into the webpage to activate the chatbot. A video outlining the process is available in the training area.

You may connect to any app you want depriving of any coding skills. ConversioBot connects more than 1500 apps and is well-matched with them all. Adding one line of code to applications and websites is only necessary.

Can Translate Many Languages

The ConversioBot tool translates as a breeze. There are numerous ways to make this work in any language, from Spanish to English to Hindi. It acknowledges that not everyone communicates in English.


Several templates are available in a range of sectors.

This chatbot has several themes that can be adjusted to meet your needs. Using their chatbot templates, you can generate and convert more leads effectively. Explore templates on ConversioBot, and choose the one that best meets your company’s needs.

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It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Are you dissatisfied with the tool, or does it not function for you? You can always get your money back within 30 days. ConversioBot wants to make sure its clients are satisfied.

Has Served Hundreds of Companies Around the Globe

It has served hundreds of companies worldwide. In short, it is an excellent platform advantage businesses may gain by incorporating it into their websites or applications.

Simple to customize

If you are an owner of any website you can use this as per your requirements.

conversiobo Codes


Cannot Make You Wealthy Immediately

ConversioBot is not intended to be a quick way to become wealthy. You can use it to interact with the visitors of the website, plus it increases the conversion number of products and services.

As a result, you should not anticipate gaining more money after using ConversioBot. Because, in the end, it is determined by the acceptance of your goods and services. You must still endorse your goods and boost people to visit your sales funnels.

There is no free trial available. ConversioBot does not offer a free trial, however, there is numerous software that offers a free trial period of 14 days. But you don’t need to worry if you feel disappointed in any case then you can case a refund within 30 days time period.


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ConversioBot FAQs

ConversioBot FAQs

Is ConversioBot a Scam or Legit?

It’s a fantastic platform for endorsing conversions via chatbots. There is no doubt about its legality, and it is not a scam. Yet, some ConversioBot reviews suggest it is a fraud, which I believe is unreasonable.

How does CoversioBot function?

ConversioBot can boost the conversion rate of a website using automated chats.

Is there a free trial available for ConversioBot?

No, it doesn’t offer any free trail period.

Is it available in multiple languages?

Yes, it is available in multiple languages, so enable this software with just a single click.


ConversioBot Contact

ConversioBot Contact

ConversioBot Phone Number: +1 (646) 741-0119
ConversioBot Email:

ConversioBot Evaluation: The Last Word

AI Chatbots can eliminate the need for your company to send out many emails, phone calls, and messages. Chatbots are tremendously operative for users of all types because they can answer nearly 80 percent of routine questions. ConversioBot is an excellent choice. The ConversioBot may assist you in growing your business lists, increasing sales, and interacting with your clients in real time. Additionally, it has reasonable price choices for business and agency licenses and chatbot builder. Their pro package allows you to rename and personalize chatbots as per your needs. ConversioBot can help you make your website more approachable and customized. As a result of the unique methods in which it addresses website conversion difficulties, you will be able to make more client visit.

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